Mr & Mrs Teoh: “Travelling more than 19 hours before reaching Kruger National Park (our first destination) should have been a tiring trip for a group of 6 senior citizens, but thanks to ReverPlanner, not only did we arrived safe and well rested and ready to take on the twelve days trip ahead of us. The trip was well balanced with a good mixture of wildlife safari and modern Cape Town. While the driver assigned to us kept good company, he was also caring and thoughtful – bringing one of the travellers to the clinic when he was unwell.”

Justina: “Travel pace is good. It is a fantastic holiday. Thank you for planning this good and thoughtful itinerary. I like Winchester Mansion’s buffet breakfast. Hearty bfast. The receptionist, Linda is very friendly. Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden is very beautiful. Unfortunately the weather was not good when we were up the Cape of Good Hope so couldn’t see the difference of the lndian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. What a pity! Cliff Cottage is lovely and spacious. The cliff path walk is beautiful, seeing the waves splashing against the rocks. Our driver is a nice fella.”